Does my Diversity, Brooks or Suggs scholarship cover the Summer semester?

No, the awards cover only the Fall and Spring semesters.

What happens if I lose my scholarship?

If at the end of the academic year, should the renewal criteria not be met and the student remains in good standing at MU, an appeal process is available through the CASE Office.

How long can I receive the scholarship?

The awards are renewable for a total of 8 consecutive (fall and spring) semesters, or until receiving a bachelor’s degree, whichever occurs first.

Does it automatically renew?

Students who meet the minimum 24-hour credits and the 2.2 GPA will automatically receive the award for the next academic year (Brooks scholars need to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher).

If I become a resident, will I still receive the scholarship?

If you apply and are approved for in-state residency, the award will no longer be offered as an out-of-state waiver, but as a $2,500 in state scholarship.

Why should I go to CASE?

You should come to CASE to better learn about yourself in college and to understand and engage with opportunities offered at Mizzou. Students gain a community and learn to interact with people with similar and different backgrounds and experiences.

Do I need to be a underrepresented minority student to interact with and visit the office?

No. While CASE works with underrepresent populations, it is designed to serve all students regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, ability, or cultural heritage.

Are there certain resources and materials in the office that students can use?

The CASE office offers study rooms, meeting space, computers, and some study guides for graduate programs.