Student Leaders


Peer Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and managing their entire cohort of second-year students through facilitating and implementing workshops on a bi-weekly basis, mentoring students through several one-on-one meetings, and organizing all communication and program needs.

Minimum Qualifications: 3.0 GPA and at least a junior at Mizzou



Peer Leader is responsible for assisting their designated CASE Scholars Coordinator with facilitating workshops, mentoring CASE Scholars, and managing communication and program needs. Further details for these responsibilities can be found below.

Minimum Qualifications: 3.0 GPA and at least a sophomore at Mizzou



The Center for Academic Success & Excellence (CASE) Student Advisory Board (SAB) helps the Director develop the vision and strategic plan for the center. Because the mission of CASE is to support the persistence and graduation of underrepresented students, it is critical that student input is considered in planning the future of the center. In 2018, CASE will focus on developing a plan to help students successfully navigate Mizzou from the time they enter until graduation.