Frequently Asked Questions


Will non-participation in CASE scholars affect my Diversity scholarship?

Beginning in Fall 2018, participation in CASE scholars is no longer required to renew your diversity scholarship, however, the requirements to complete at least 24 graded credit hours each academic year and maintain a cumulative MU grade point average of 2.2 or higher remain in place.

Can I still meet with my CASE coordinator I met within previous years?

Yes, you may schedule a meeting with any of the CASE coordinators via MU Connect.

Is there still a CASE scholars program?

Yes, the Center for Academic Success & Excellence implemented a new program for students who choose to apply and are selected to participate.

Do I have meetings to attend for this academic year?

Only those students that have applied and been selected into the CASE scholars have to attend meetings.  You will have received an email from your CASE Coordinator about meeting times.

Can I still apply?

Not at this time. The applications which were open for 4 weeks over the summer were emailed to all students who participated in CASE Scholars or the MAP program in previous years. All applications closed in July.