Personal Finances

(complete one option along with the required reflection assignment)

*Schedule a 1-hr appointment with an Advisor from the Student Financial Aid Office (PDF Checklist)

*Schedule a 1-hr appointment with someone from the Office for Financial Success (include scheduling link and PDF Checklist)

*Student Financial Aid Office Money Challenge Event (TBD)

*Listed approved workshops related to Financial Literacy:

  1. Workshops hosted by The Office for Financial Success

*Take a personal financial planning course:

  1. FINPLN 1183: Financial Survival (1 hr. online course)
    1. The basics for new college students
  2. FINPLN 2183: Finance & Family Finance (3 hr.)
    1. A guide for a successful financial future
  3. FINPLN 4483: Financial Success (1 hr. online course)
    1. The basics for those about to graduate