Peer Undergraduate Mentoring Program (PUMP)


PUMP is a collaborative effort between Center for Academic Success & Excellence, the Fellowships Office, and the Honors College that pairs Mizzou third and fourth-year students with first and second-year students to share their strategies for navigating college successfully.


PUMP strives to foster positive peer-mentor relationships that can contribute to a student’s sense of belonging and well-being as well as inspire growth and accomplishment.

Program objectives

Through one-on-one meetings and group socials, PUMP seeks to support students by helping them:

  • Develop the skill of self-awareness
  • Establish a sense of community
  • Understand the importance of scholarship, service, and leadership in their undergraduate journey
  • Build upon tools and resources they can utilize to enhance their personal and professional success

Mentoring Relationships

Mentees who join will be students in CASE who are not involved in any other major program across campus. Mentees will be paired up with a high achieving 3rd or 4th year CASE student that can help guide them through any challenge they may be facing.

  • Mentors will serve as a positive force in mentees’ lives that can help direct and refer mentees to the right resources
  • Mentors will assist mentees in developing skills that will contribute to their success at Mizzou.

Mentee Benefits

  • Opportunity to develop a positive mentor relationship that can:
    • Inspire personal and professional growth
    • Be a genuine part of your supportive network
    • Guide and direct you based on past experiences and knowledge

Mentor Benefits

  • Deepen your own study skills and knowledge of your academic involvement areas
  • Opportunity to develop and enhance leadership and mentoring skills
  • Help others learn and progress by sharing your experiences and feedback
  • Develop a positive relationship that inspires personal and professional growth
  • Be a part of creating a supportive network that genuinely cares about the success of others
  • Expand your professional network through relationships built with peer mentors and mentees
  • Gain a sense of fulfillment by giving back as well as learn from a relationship that may give new insight and perspective.

For more information regarding the PUMP or how to apply, please the contact CASE office at 573-882-9208.