Brooks/Suggs Scholars Program

The Brooks/Suggs Scholars Program is one of the Center for Academic Success & Excellence’s signature programs. The program serves as a pathway for students who want to further engage within the campus community through extensive academic and leadership development opportunities. The program is designed to provide participants with the guidance, tools, and ongoing development to ensure intellectual and individual success while enrolled at Mizzou. Participants receive mentorship, training, and materials as they undertake the sequence of programming, and by building a network of contacts and knowledge, learn how to navigate the world of the academic community and prepare for post-graduate studies or employment.

The approaches used are drawn from high-impact and research-proven practices. The program uses MU’s values of respect, responsibility, discovery, and excellence, as the framework, which guides students through an interactive dialogue with fellow students and peer Ambassadors. Additionally, we help students plan and process their individual experiences to maximize their positive impact on their university experiences. As a participant in the program, students will be expected to lead as often as they may be asked to follow, so that the program becomes, over time, more individualized to meet their needs as it pertains to:

  • Interacting with each other and the Mizzou community
  • Growing as a young professional and sharpening their communication and interpersonal skills
  • Establishment and formation of goals and how to work toward them
  • Planning for what happens after college to help them transition into the workplace or graduate school

Program Highlights

Brooks Scholars thrive as campus leaders, graduate, and pursue meaningful opportunities after college. Services assist in navigating the rigors of college life via a cohort model and individual one-on-one support to address the personal and professional concerns of the scholar.
$7,500 Scholarship • Honors College Participation • Identity Development • Research Involvement • Career Development Workshop • Peer Study Groups • Networking • Fellowship Office Focus • Study Abroad • Community Service Projects