Scholarship Renewal

Scholarships managed by CASE include:

  • Diversity Award
  • Summer Transition Scholarship
  • George C. Brooks Scholarship
  • Dr. Donald Suggs Scholarship

These scholarships have annual renewal requirements based on students’ enrollment, course load and GPA. You can find more information about these scholarships on the Financial Aid Website.

Students who do not meet the renewal criteria for their scholarship will be ineligible to receive it the following year. If the students once again meet the criteria, the scholarship will be automatically reinstated. Each of the scholarships below are limited to eight semesters. All regular full-time semesters of enrollment are counted toward the limit. In addition to GPA and enrollment requirements, Summer Transition Scholarship recipients are required to participate in the CASE Scholars Program and Brooks and Suggs scholarship recipients are required to participate in the Brooks and Suggs Scholars Program. More information about specific renewal requirements can be found on the Financial Aid Website.