Sense of Belonging or Professional Development

(complete one option along with the required reflection assignment)

*Campus Organizations: Join and actively participate in a Mizzou student organization for at least one semester.

 *Volunteering: Actively volunteer for at least one semester in any campus or community organizations.

*Job/Internship: Work for at least one semester in a part-time position on-or-off campus.

*Career Development: Attend a Career Fair in your Academic Major with an updated Resume for the opportunity to network with a prospective employer to obtain an internship, shadowing prospect, or a summer job.

  -You must complete all 3 items to fulfill this option:

  1. Create or update your resume at the Career Center or at your School/College career service.
  2. Schedule a mock interview with the Career Center
  3. Attend a career fair in your Major with the updated resume

*Research: Participate in at least one semester in laboratory scientific research.

*Office of Service-Learning: Participate for at least one semester in a service-learning community program from the list below.

  1. Civic Leaders Internship Program
  2. Global Internships and Service
  3. MU Community Engagement Project

*Study Abroad: Participate in a study abroad trip.