The Center for Academic Success & Excellence provides an array of services designed to promote student success throughout their time at the University of Missouri. These services are designed to work with all students and can be tailored to meet their specific needs.
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Mid-Semester Progress Checks

Mid-Semester Progress Checks require students at the midpoint of the Fall and Spring semesters to complete a progress check that assesses how they are doing in their courses. This affords students an opportunity to conduct a self-assessment of their academic progress as well as meet with professors to discuss their performance.

Students can schedule a Mid-Semester Progress Check with a CASE staff member via MU Connect.

*Note: Completing a Mid-Semester Progress Check is required of all Suggs, Brooks, Diversity, and Summer Bridge Scholarship Recipients

MU Connect (Early Alert)

MU Connect is a student tracking, early alert, appointment scheduling, and retention application that supports student success and engagement. The online application helps students connect with instructors, advisors, and staff, as well as enhance communication across campus departments.

CASE utilizes the Early Alert feature of MU Connect to assure that students are receiving adequate support when the need arises. Additionally, we make the necessary referrals to campus resources based on the specific needs of students.

For additional information regarding the benefits and tools available through MU Connect, you can refer to their website at

Individualized Coaching

Individualized coaching aims to build a relationship between students and the CASE staff members. This service provides a space conducive to nurturing students’ academic, personal and professional development and empowering students with the tools that can help them in establishing a successful undergraduate career

Students can schedule an Individualized Coaching meeting with a CASE staff member via MU Connect.

Success Planning

Success Planning provides students an opportunity to develop an action plan to improve and/or enhance their academic performance as well as reach their holistic student success goals.

Scholarship Appeals

A CASE staff member provides students going through the Office of Financial Aid’s scholarship appeal process the opportunity to develop a success plan.  A member of the CASE team will meet with students to create and track success goals, which is a critical component in completing their scholarship appeal.