Kelly Lopez

Marketing Intern


Kelly Lopez is a junior at Mizzou, studying Strategic Communications at it’s prestigious School of Journalism for a future career in Public Relations. Born in Utah, Lopez has always dreamed of a career in marketing and advertising, and spent most of her middle school and high school experience working as a Spokesperson for the Girl Scouts of Utah. She participated in TV and radio spots, talking about the amazing experience Girl Scouts provides. During her senior year, Lopez applied for the Brooks Scholarship at MU, and after a long application and interview process was awarded the scholarship.

After her first semester at Mizzou, Lopez became a CASE Ambassador and works closely with the staff. She joined the CASE Marketing team in Spring 2020. After the summer break, Lopez returned to the team and is ready to get to work!

“CASE has provided me with not only structure and expectations, but also support in every aspect of my life,” Lopez explained. “No matter what is happening, I know they are always willing to listen and help me.”