CASE intern Janae Taylor honors NBA player and philanthropist LeBron James

To celebrate Black History Month our CASE Marketing interns are highlighting their most influential figures. Today, intern Janae Taylor Honors NBA Player and Philanthropist LeBron James and discusses how James has impacted her life.

Hey, I’m Janae Taylor, a junior at MU interning with CASE. I’m majoring in journalism with a minor in business. One of the biggest inspirations is LeBron James.
James has not only been influential within the basketball world, but off the court as well. He has shown there are more to athletes than the sports they play and that with their platform they can make real change. In 2011, he founded the LeBron James Family Foundation which was created to help several charities around the country. In 2018, through the foundation James opened I Promise School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. It’s a public elementary school specifically aimed to serve at-risk children.
Being a former athlete and seeing how James has changed the perception of athletes means everything to me. He continues to make an everlasting impact on his community and one day I hope to be able to do the same.