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Summer Bridge Scholar Spotlight: Carrington Peavy

Carrington Peavy Freshman Hometown: Cleveland, OH Why Mizzou? Mizzou has an amazing journalism program, and I can tell they use our tuition towards helping the students rather than protecting other assets. Hobbies: Playing video games, reading, writing and hanging out with friends.



Summer Bridge Scholar Spotlight: Bethany Cates

Bethany Cates Freshman Hometown: Atlanta, GA Why Mizzou? Aside from the Journalism School, I chose Mizzou because I wanted a unique college experience, an experience that would make me go beyond my limits and challenge myself. Hobbies: I enjoy hanging out with…



Senior Spotlight: Marissa Johnson

The American health care system can be a controversial and complex topic. For MU graduating senior Marissa Johnson, it’s the complexities of the system that caught her attention. Graduating Senior Marissa Johnson smiles for a photo outside of Jesse Hall…