A Launchpad to the Future

Most college students await anxiously for the day of graduation, not in nervousness of crossing the stage and accepting their diploma, but instead, in fear that nothing waits for them afterwards.  Senior Jeanette Greene, Chicago native, Civil…

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Feels Like Family

For many, the National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE) is not just an organization, it’s a family.

Jerome Young-Ryan Cobb

Leaving A Legacy

As Ryan Cobb and Jerome Young reflect on their time at Mizzou, they are most proud of the legacy they will leave from their time working with the United Minority Network (UMN)


Shark Tank

In order to promote the creation of new and innovative programs to increase student success at MU, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies Jim Spain brought “Shark Tank” to Mizzou.

Dr. Lelia Flagg and Olivia Flagg-Bourke.

Raised a Tiger

Not everyone can claim to have attended college classes before they could talk. However, MU freshman Olivia Flagg-Bourke’s first time in a college classroom came when she was just a few days old.

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