Brooks Scholars Program

Brooks Scholars thrive as campus leaders, graduate, and pursue meaningful opportunities after college. Services assist in navigating the rigors of college life via a cohort model and individual one-on-one support to address the personal and professional concerns of the scholar.

Honors College Participation • Identity Development • Research Involvement • Career Development Workshop • Peer Study Groups • Networking • Fellowship Office Focus • Study Abroad • Community Service Projects

CASE Scholars Program

CASE provides intentional four-year programming for prioritized groups that are accepted in the highly competitive Summer Bridge Program.

Summer Bridge Program • On-Campus Living • Cohort Group Interactions • Career Development Workshop • Study Abroad • Community Service Projects

KC Scholars Program

KC Scholars are students from Kansas City, MO who will be provided intentional programming from the CASE office that will enhance students’ academic achievement navigational skills, the campus community, social networking, financial literacy, and many more!

$10,000 Scholarship • Cohort Group Interactions • Peer Study Groups • Networking • Community Service Projects

Suggs Scholars Program

Suggs Scholars rank above many MU students in their academic fields of study. Students selected for this high honor are given the leadership tools, and ongoing professional development to ensure intellectual and individual success while enrolled at Mizzou and beyond.

$7,000 Study Abroad Experience • $2,000 Research Stipend • Honors College Participation • Career Development Workshop • Peer Study Groups • Networking • Leadership Development • Study Abroad • Community Service Projects