CASE Scholars Program

CASE Scholars strives to assist underrepresented students in a variety of academic disciplines successfully transition into their undergraduate journey. The program fosters mentoring relationships and provides learning opportunities that support students’ academic enrichment, financial literacy and a sense of belonging. CASE Scholars increases students’ ability to persist and conquer the challenges they face at the University of Missouri.


MAP is designed to provide second, third and fourth year students avenues of engagement with critical academic and support services, workshops, events and activities within the MU and Columbia community. Participation in the MAP program satisfies part of the scholarship requirements for Brooks, Suggs, Diversity and Summer Transition Scholarships.

Peer Undergraduate Mentoring Program (PUMP)

PUMP is a collaborative effort between the Center for Academic Success and Excellence, the Fellowship Office and the Honors College. Mizzou’s first and second year students are mentored by upperclassman who share their strategies for navigating college successfully. Through one-on-one meetings and group socials, PUMP strives to foster positive peer-mentor relationships that can contribute to students’ sense of belonging, well-being and overall student success.

Summer Transition Program (STP)

STP is an 8-week summer program which provides an academic learning community that bridges the gap between high school and college. The program offers first-year, first-time college students the opportunity to enroll in general education courses, participate in a residential living experience and utilize campus resources to accelerate their success at MU.

Undergraduate Success Program – (US Program)

The US Program is one of the signature programs on campus for high-achieving first-year students that are interested in academic and leadership enrichment. Through peer mentor relationships and on-going developmental opportunities, these students grow to become holistic citizens both as a part of the MU community and globally. This program is a collaborative effort between the Center for Academic Success and Excellence and the Honors College.

Study Abroad – Jamaica

The study abroad experience in Jamaica is a Collaborative program between the Center for Academic Success and Excellence, the Department of Black Studies and the English Department at the University of Missouri. This program established the first study abroad program geared towards underrepresented and underserved MU students.