CASE Scholar Senior Spotlight: Nicole Kirkland

This is the first of five installments of our “CASE Scholar Senior Spotlight” featuring Nicole Kirkland:

Arizona native and CASE Diversity Scholar Nicole Kirkland is one of many MU seniors in the class of 2020 graduating this May. Although she will not physically walk across the stage to receive her degree due of COVID-19, it doesn’t take away from her accomplishments and bright future that lies ahead.

Kirkland is receiving a degree in Clinical Diagnostic Sciences with an emphasis in Nuclear Medicine. After graduation, she’s moving to Manhattan, New York to work as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist at a public hospital known for providing care to underprivileged communities.

“Nuclear Medicine is one of the few didactics that look at physiology instead of just at anatomy, and because we look at how things work, we are able to help physicians with early diagnosis of diseases. When you can diagnose a person earlier you give them a higher chance of more effective treatment,” Kirkland said.

NKKirkland has always had a passion for helping those in need. Throughout her journey at Mizzou, she has been consistently involved. She served as a Teaching Assistant for an Academic Success Seminar course and has contributed to research in data analysis labs and research presentations on campus.

“I’ve done two research projects, the Williams-Beuren syndrome project and then Overgrowth Syndrome project. I’ve also participated in three research presenter days: Missouri Life Sciences Week, Health Sciences Day, and Undergraduate Researching Creative Achievements Forum,” Kirkland explained.

With such intelligence, Kirkland has taken her outstanding work to the CASE Office. For the past 3 years she’s served as a KC Scholar Peer Coordinator, helping plan and lead workshops along with assisting in academic coaching. For Kirkland, the opportunities she has been given through CASE have been invaluable.

“The CASE Office has been instrumental in my development not only as a college student on campus but as a young emerging professional in the workplace due to the programs they offer. These not only include being a support system but also offering tutoring assistance and also being there to give advice for professional organizations on campus and campus resources,” Kirkland said.

As the school year comes to an end, congratulations are in order for graduating senior, Nicole Kirkland. The CASE office is beyond proud.