Summer Bridge Scholar Spotlight: Anna Schneider

Anna Schneider Freshman Hometown: Jefferson City, MO Why Mizzou? It has one of the best agricultural programs in the state. Hobbies: Gardening, photography and gaming. My dream job: Plant shop owner. Fun fact: I’ve got a mini-me.


Summer Bridge Scholar Spotlight: Morgan Williams

Morgan Williams Freshman Hometown: Atlanta, GA Why Mizzou? The various organizations available for STEM majors. Hobbies: I enjoy reading. My dream job: I hope to become a bioengineer. Fun fact: I like to paint.


Summer Bridge Scholar Spotlight: Johnathan Martinez

Johnathan Martinez Freshman Hometown: Raytown, MO Why Mizzou? Mizzou was affordable for me. Hobbies: Reading autobiographies and going downtown. My dream job: Working for the government. Fun fact: I got my associate of arts degree before my high school diploma. …


Summer Bridge Scholar Spotlight: Carrington Peavy

Carrington Peavy Freshman Hometown: Cleveland, OH Why Mizzou? Mizzou has an amazing journalism program, and I can tell they use our tuition towards helping the students rather than protecting other assets. Hobbies: Playing video games, reading, writing and hanging out with friends.


Summer Bridge Scholar Spotlight: Bethany Cates

Bethany Cates Freshman Hometown: Atlanta, GA Why Mizzou? Aside from the Journalism School, I chose Mizzou because I wanted a unique college experience, an experience that would make me go beyond my limits and challenge myself. Hobbies: I enjoy hanging out with…


Senior Spotlight: Marissa Johnson

The American health care system can be a controversial and complex topic. For MU graduating senior Marissa Johnson, it’s the complexities of the system that caught her attention. Graduating Senior Marissa Johnson smiles for a photo outside of Jesse Hall…

Dr. Thorn

Director's Corner: We Made It!

CASE scholars and supporters, We have arrived at the end of one of the most challenging academic years in recent history. As we all attend the virtual, drive-by and in-person graduation celebrations (as well as our CASE Salute to Excellence),…


Senior Spotlight: DeMario Malone

After four years of undergraduate schooling, many students are ready to leave academics behind and start their careers. Graduating senior DeMario Malone is up for a different challenge. Soon, Malone will be moving from Missouri to Pennsylvania to attend…


Senior Spotlight: Justine Durham

Since her freshman year, MU senior and CASE Scholar Justine Durham has let her passions and goals guide her work and involvement. The experience she has gained as coordinator of the Diversity and Inclusion team at the MU Career Center,…

Gabriel Martin Sasamoto

Senior Spotlight: Gabriel Martin Sasamoto

The most important parts of Gabriel Martin Sasamoto’s college experience won’t appear on his diploma or transcript. His degree in biochemistry and minor in chemistry is underscored with personal growth and volunteer work to benefit his community. MU Graduating Senior…