Director’s Corner: Dr. Andre Thorn

Hello CASE Scholars and supporters,

We are coming down the final stretch of Spring 2021. I hope you are ready to finish the semester strong! In fact, finishing strong is the focus of my update for you all. We, in CASE, recognize that this academic year is not ideal. We are hearing from our CASE team that some students are finally admitting to experiencing some academic, personal or financial challenges that they may have put off dealing with for some time. We want you to use the remaining time of this semester, making wise and informed decisions about your academic and personal success. Therefore, I offer the following suggestions for completing the semester strong.

  1. Time management. Make a study plan/schedule or routine. Make sure you are spending a sufficient amount of time on the tasks on your plate. One thing that cannot be underestimated at this time in the semester is preparation for finals/projects/papers. Ensure that this is your priority!
  2. Take care of your mental & physical well-being.  This includes eating right, getting enough rest and some “down time” for you to refresh yourself.
  3. Attend every class. You had spring break to recharge, please avoid missing any classes (even on those nice, sunny days). The virtual environment can be tough to focus on and keep up with the work, but it is vital to be engaged in all course activity at this time.
  4. Be clear about expectations from your professors. It pays to follow up with professors for clarity about assignments, deadlines, papers, group projects, etc.  If you have “muddy points” please do not hesitate to clarify as soon as possible.
  5. Prioritize your approach. All assignments are not equal. A final paper might be worth more total points than your quiz, so prioritize appropriately.
  6. Use your campus resources. The Learning Center, MATH@CASE and your academic departments have some amazing resources. If you need them, please tap into them….you already paid for them!
  7. Set boundaries. Now we are in the thick of the semester, so there is little time for time-wasters.  Be aware of the people, programs (computer and television) and projects that rob you of your productivity.
  8. If you plan to withdraw from courses (or the semester), please do not make a move without consulting your academic advisor, financial aid advisor or staff in the CASE office first!
  9. When the semester is done and you have accomplished your goals….celebrate!
  10. If you are graduating this May, CONGRATULATIONS!  Please check your emails about the Salute to Excellence Celebration we have planned for you!

As always, the CASE team stands ready to assist in any way possible.

Adopted from Millikan University: